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Chances are you won't be able to think clearly after being involved in an accident with a truck. The most important step you can take after a truck accident, after seeking medical attention, is to contact a trusted Allentown truck accident attorney who can help hold the responsible party accountable and fight for your right to compensation.

When you need a personal injury lawyer in Allentown, you can count on the proficient legal services of attorney Kevin Regan at Regan Law Firm. Kevin has a comprehensive understanding of the laws pertaining to truck accident cases and can advocate for you when you need it the most. Son of a seasoned personal injury attorney, Kevin literally grew up in the courtroom and is not afraid of going to court to help clients achieve an optimum outcome. He employs years of legal insight to help you recover compensation for your accident. When you rely on Kevin, you can be confident in his ability to use his prosecution and trial experience to provide you with high-quality legal representation.Regan Law Firm has helped resolved many personal injury claims and can help you with yours.

You can sleep well at night with Allentown truck accident attorney Kevin Regan by your side by calling (484) 838-5862.

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

Following a truck accident, you can be sure that the trucking company will hire the top attorneys in town to minimize their liability. You want to be prepared to provide the best evidence possible in order to present a persuasive case. Neglected pieces of evidence could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in compensation.

Follow these tips to have the most effective evidence available for a personal injury case:

Call 911 - The police need to review the accident scene in order to complete an accident report.

Take pictures - Snap photos of the accident from multiple angles if it is safe and you are physically able to do so. Take pictures of the truck, your vehicle, your injuries, and the surrounding area where the accident took place.
Seek medical attention - You may feel fine at the moment, but this doesn't mean you should bypass examination from a doctor. Using the services of a doctor immediately after the accident allows you to document your injuries. Without documentation, it's hard to prove that the injuries in question were caused by the accident.
Obtain information from other parties involved - It's important to collect information about the truck driver, including their name, address, phone number, insurance information, and license plate. Also, collect information from eyewitnesses who can help support your case in court.

Start Fighting For Compensation Today

Before you make a decision about how to deal with a legal issue, take advantage of a free consultation with a proficient Allentown truck accident attorney at Regan Law Firm. Kevin Regan has been licensed for 13 years and will listen to you and make sure he understands your issue. We will talk with you about which Pennsylvania laws apply to your situation and give you options for moving forward.

Kevin understands that accidents don't just occur during normal business hours and questions may need to be answered immediately. That's why Kevin makes himself available to clients on the weekends and evenings. You'll never have to question if he cares about your case because he will be by your side every step of the way, getting you the information you need and fighting for your right to compensation. Allentown truck accident Attorney Kevin P. Regan at Regan Law Firm is here to give you the information you need to help you get the financial resources you deserve.

Contact our Allentown truck accident lawyer today at (484) 838-5862. Your first evaluation is free of charge!

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