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If you are going through a divorce, you surely want to avoid any additional burdens and challenges. After all, you’re dealing with enough stress as it is. That’s why divorce mediation is a popular alternative to litigation. Spouses who cannot agree on terms of their divorce turn to mediation as a method of resolution.

Mediation is confidential, relatively informal, and substantially effective in helping spouses reach agreements on the terms of their divorce. If you are interested in mediation for your divorce, we recommend that you reflect on how well you and your spouse communicate. This is because for mediation to be effective, both parties should be cordial and respectful with each other. These qualities are critical in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes from mediation. Mediation may be ineffective if you and your spouse are hostile and aggressive to each other. You should speak with our lawyer to learn if mediation is right for you!

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What Is a Divorce Mediator?

Don’t be fooled into thinking a mediator will solve all your problems. In fact, the purpose of mediation is to help you and your spouse solve your problems yourselves and on your terms. With this in mind, a divorce mediator is an unbiased, third-party professional who facilitates conversations between spouses on a variety of disputes.

Although it would be nice, mediators do not make decisions for the parties or ensure the agreements are fair or legally sound. Instead, a mediator guides spouses into reaching mutual agreements on disputed terms of their divorce. They do not represent either parties’ interests.

Benefits of Mediation for Your Divorce

Without knowing it, many divorcing couples make the mistake of going straight to litigation without giving mediation a second thought. If your attorney advises you to explore this avenue, you could experience a host of benefits, such as:

Save money: Did you know that mediation is the number one way to save on the legal costs of divorce? Instead of having your attorney litigate who gets what in court, a mediation lawyer will get straight to the point, providing effective guidance to help you and your spouse form agreements. As a result, you could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Save time: Mediation is much faster than taking a divorce matter to court. This is because mediation allows you to avoid waiting on discovery timelines, lawyer negotiations, and court schedules. Instead, you get a drafted, fully enforceable agreement that finalizes the divorce as soon as grounds are established.

Fair outcomes: A key difference between litigation and mediation is that in litigation, a judge decides the outcome, whereas in mediation, the spouses decide their outcomes. Since spouses have full control of their resolutions in mediation, the results are much fairer than they would be in litigation. But like litigation, mediation doesn’t guarantee both spouses will walk away 100% satisfied. Just because both parties have full discretion in mediation doesn’t mean they will fully agree on each and every term.

4 Common Myths About Divorce Mediation

Our Allentown divorce mediation attorney has heard a lot of misconceptions from people who don’t quite grasp the true essence of mediation. Many times, spouses refrain from exploring mediation to resolve their divorce, not because they think mediation is bad but because they don’t know the true essence and impacts of mediation.

False information about divorce mediation circulates far and wide, so we debunk 4 common myths about mediation below to give you clarity.

You don’t need a lawyer: Far too many spouses make the mistake of mediating their divorce without a lawyer. Since divorce mediators are not always experienced divorce attorneys, they may not have the legal competence and insights to help spouses draft a legally enforceable agreement. As we mentioned before, mediators do not represent the interests of either spouse. For this reason, you should hire a divorce lawyer to explain your rights and options as well as ensure your agreements are fair, comprehensive, and accurately drafted and submitted.

Divorce mediation is for wimps: False. Let’s put it this way – would you rather stand up for what you want for yourself and your future or let a lawyer do all the talking for you in court? If you picked the former, then mediation is an optimal choice for you. You could not only walk away with a satisfactory agreement but also confidence and strong communication skills.

All divorce mediators are lawyers: Mediators are not always lawyers, and lawyers are not always mediators. Do not assume the two roles overlap. Mediators are neutral, third-party professionals who help guide spouses in resolving disputes in their divorce, but many of them have no legal training. This is another reason why you need a lawyer for your divorce mediation.

Mediation works for everyone: As we mentioned before, you and your spouse should be civil and respectful of one another before even considering mediation. Litigation has increasingly become a “worst-case scenario” for divorcing spouses, but believe it or not, litigation may be the best choice for certain couples. After evaluating your circumstances, your attorney may suggest divorce litigation if:

You and your spouse cannot work together in a civil and polite manner

You both cannot agree on certain things, no matter how hard you try
One spouse is a domestic violence victim
There is a general imbalance in the relationship

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