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Grounds for Divorce in Pennsylvania

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Getting married in Pennsylvania is relatively cheap and quick, but getting divorced can be costly and time consuming. When a divorce action is filed, the matter is not concluded until grounds have been established, and all economic matters tied to the marriage are resolved.

At Regan Law Firm, our experienced Allentown divorce lawyer strives to resolve these matters outside of court in an amicable fashion, but, if necessary, he is prepared to take them to trial to get the most favorable outcome.

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Grounds for Divorce in PA

In Pennsylvania, divorce can be sought on a fault or no-fault basis. Grounds for divorce are routinely established through no-fault allegations, citing an irretrievably broken marriage. Fault grounds for divorce include:

  • Adultery
  • Bigamy
  • Imprisonment of a spouse for two years or more

However, it is rare for a divorce to be litigated and granted on these grounds as it much easier to achieve no-fault grounds for divorce.

Establishing No-Fault Grounds for Divorce

There are two ways to establish no-fault grounds for divorce. Either party may allege the parties have been separated for two consecutive years as of the filing date. If contested, the court will consider many factors in determining separation. These factors include, but are not limited to, the living arrangements of the parties, periods of reconciliation, and the general conduct of the parties relating to the marriage. The second way to establish no-fault grounds for divorce is for both parties to sign and file consent forms acknowledging their consent to the divorce ninety days after either party files for divorce. This is the most common, and amicable, method establishing grounds for divorce.

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