Eyewitness Expert Testimony

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A couple of months ago, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a rare opinion- an overturning of well-established decisional law. In reversing a robbery conviction in Commonwealth v. Walker, the Court rejected the rule that expert testimony regarding eyewitness identification is always inadmissible. Rather, the Court said that in certain cases, where the Commonwealth’s case is primarily or exclusively dependent upon eyewitness testimony, the trial court may allow properly qualified expert testimony on “relevant psychological factors which may impact eyewitness identification.”

Eyewitness Identification Factors

Some of the psychological factors present in the Walker case, which arguably affect eyewitness identification, are:

  1. The phenomenon of “weapons focus”.
  2. A cross-racial identification.
  3. A high stress/traumatic case.
  4. The absence of police warning to eyewitness that suspect may not be in a photo array or line up.
  5. The lack of a strong correlation between witness statements of confidence and witness accuracy.

If your criminal defense case involves eyewitness testimony, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to use the above factors to get you acquitted.

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